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Families & Newborns

Album No.3


Photographs open doors into the past,                

but they also allow a look into the future. 

– Sally Mann


I am a photographer, a preservationist, and someone who revels in the stories we as individuals, collect along the way of our life. I am so grateful to be a portrait photographer because portraits are the intersection of these points. Moreover, I think portraits are incredible mirrors into the life we have and are a means for understanding where we are headed next.


Yes, you've got me pegged: I am a deep thinker. But man, I also love to dance, laugh, and have fun on the job.

That said, I like to be open & honest so let me lead with a confession: I am NOT a web designer (I doubt that's what you're here for anyway) so this is a work in progress as January 2019. More coming soon so stay tuned and away we go!


Photo Credit (below): Catie Bergman



Nathania tenWolde


Nathania tenWolde Photography

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